Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Connect the words

I have been thinking about the fine line between Fearless and Foolish. I have lots of things I want to share with you, but I have not quite fleshed out the entire article. I want the post to really be worth your while when you read it. Lots of deep things for you to consider. Should post it soon.

In the meantime, I wrote down several adjectives or other descriptive words recently as they popped into my head and I decided to look for something in my life that matched the adjectives. Some of these are just plain crazy, some are very revealing of who I am and how I think, and some will cause you to think about who you are and why you think like you do.
Here is my list:

1. Surprising -- finding gasoline prices going down instead of up!
2. Techno-surprising -- a 70 year old retiree getting his first Blackberry!
3. Updated -- New, red leather chairs for the study at home.

4. Blessed -- life-giving rain on my beautiful flowers

5. Terrifying -- the lights going out at home last night during the storm.

6. Crazy -- a 28-foot alligator with an adult deer in its mouth being killed at Lake Weiss, Ala.

7. Bookwormish -- finding the awesome book "Life's Golden Ticket." You should read it.

8. Totally fun -- finding comfortable, red, patent leather pumps in my size!

9. Funny -- jumping in fear when I mistook the log in the lake for an alligator.

10. Never Becomes Ordinary -- Seeing my sweet husband every day.

11. Warned -- a rabbit hissing at me when the puppies and I got too close.

12. Lucky find -- new eye cream with stem cells in it. Guaranteed to look 5 years younger.

13. Whoo Hoo! -- riding bikes with the nephew in West Virginia

14. Old Timey -- eating pure, golden honey with the honeycomb included in the jar

15. Representing -- great conservative candidates talking about "taking back America."

16. Small world -- running into people from Moultrie in every state I go into!!

17. Soothing -- our pastor sitting with us though Tony's knee surgery.

18. Respect -- seeing the moms and dads who give at home, at work, and in the community.

19. Free stuff -- free puppy kisses from my sweet Stretchy the Dachshund.

20. Delicious -- "chocolate stuff" at Norma Jeans in St. Simons.

21. Sneaky -- a friend planning a huge surprise trip for their 20th anniversary! Shhhh!

22. In awe -- watching honey bees pollinate the crepe myrtles.

23. Straight forward -- my sister's attack on fibromyalgia.

24. Celebrate -- the 10-year mortgage rate going down to 3.75%

25. Comfortable -- being at home surrounded by my stuff, the puppies, and the hubby.

I would do 25 more, but I will stop with these. I hope you like this blog and that you will get ready for the next blog. Please suggest to me other topics that might make for great blogs. Thanks for reading.

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  1. It is so nice to see rain again:) Summer is as it should be: hot during the day and rainy in the evening:)

    I'm a little shocked at gas prices too considering half of the Gulf of Mexico is well...dead! I figured they'd go up to like $4.50 a galleon like they did a few years ago when nothing was going on.

    I'm not really sure what anyone can do about politics anymore. I have about as much faith in the Tea Partiers as I do in the people in office. Something always happens to people when they get elected. They say all this great stuff and then when they get elected they figure out how things really run and realize that half the stuff they said is impossible to do.

    I do follow politics pretty closely though, so I've seen all the stuff the tea partiers have been saying and the stuff that the left has been saying because I watch ALL the news channels because I figure they're ALL biased so I try to watch them all to see what they agree on and figure that to be the closest to the truth I'm gonna get! I do agree with some of the stuff that both sides have been saying, it really just depends on the issue but that's a whole other post!

    I guess we'll see. It would be a welcome break if the news were boring again!