Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lord knows I love that man

Valentine day was really good this year even though I didn't get to see my husband. I know, I should be moping around and be really mad because he chose the Daytona 500 over spending Valentine day with me. But, he didn't choose the weekend for the race and he is not responsible for the collision of valentine day and Daytona 500. It is what it is. I did get to play in the snow.

Now to the reason I had a good Valentine Day. My sweet husband reminded me as he left home for the race, that he had planned a great Valentine day for me and that I would really like it. When I told him that I might take a vacation day Friday and not go into the office, he almost panicked and said that I HAD to go to work Friday. Ok, so then I knew that something was being delivered to work. Sure enough, the flowers were beautiful as they always are. Cute little Valentine balloon attached also. I assumed that I had my valentine gift and I was cool with flowers even if they did come two days early.

Well, I had underestimated that sweet man. He called me Friday and told me that he would text me the next clue -- that's right, the CLUE -- for my next gift. Ok now, I was liking this little game of "give me a clue and I find a gift."

On Saturday morning February 13th, before I was out of bed, I heard a text come in on my phone. The text read "Look in top drawer of highboy." Excitedly, I jumped out of bed to find my new treasure in the top drawer. I had to get a stool to look into the drawer. The whole thing reminded me of a kid on Christmas morning finding presents. I found a beautiful box of fabulous chocolate candy and a big candy sucker. He knows I like candy. As I write this Blog, the whole box of candy is now gone. Yea, I like chocolate candy. So, now I have flowers, balloon, and candy. That's enough for Valentine Day, right?

Well, Sunday morning, February 14th dawns with warmer temperatures and much sunshine. Would I get another text from that sweet man with another clue? Another gift? Well, about 8:30 I got a text that said, "Look in my bed side table drawer." Score! Another big box of fabulous chocolate in that cute heart-shaped box and a card with a wiener dog (my favorite dogs) carrying a heart in his mouth with a love note from my sweet man along with his interpretation of the dogs love for me on Valentine Day. I almost cried. But, the best was yet to come. Along with the candy and card was a gift certificate for a massage from my favorite nationally certified massage therapist Shanna!!! Life is good.

That sweet man made my Valentine Day wonderful by thinking of me and planning ahead to be sure that I was happy. Lord knows I love that man. Happy St. Valentine's Day.